Oct 18, 2011

Hoo Are You? #58

1. Do you sleep with the window open or the fan on no matter what the weather is like?
Me, yes, when it is warm out. My husband, yes, all year long – BBBBRRRRR!!

2. What is your favorite comfort food?
Either chicken pot pie or macaroni and cheese

3. Do you ever go to a chiropractor?

4. What is your most memorable Halloween costume growing up?
Definitely the homemade ones – went as an old lady a few times (that’s always fun)

5. Do you prefer the sunrise or the sunset?
Sunset (the sun rises too early for me). Wished I was on the west coast more so I could see the sun set over the ocean!


Oct 13, 2011

I'm still sewing and crafting - Candy Corn Dress

Well - life has taken over and my poor blog has suffered. But I am happy to say that the sewing and crafting continues - it just hasn't made its way to my blog. (I wish I had a personal assistant!)

Here's one thing that I knew I wanted to make for my daughter after seeing it last Halloween - an easy, comfy Candy Corn dress. Something she could wear to school in October. It was made from 3 t-shirts and came together pretty quickly last night. The white t-shirt was a bit plain and boxy, so I added some ribbon to fancy it up.

Had to make some legwarmers from women's knee high socks!! (Even though it is getting pretty cold in New England, so she may end up wearing leggins underneath.) I need to put together some hair pretties to complete the look.

Next up - our actual Halloween costumes. Materials have been purchased, need to pull it all together now!

Linking up to: Fa-boo-lous Friday at Ginger Snaps; Craftastic Monday at Sew Can Do

Aug 17, 2011

Ribbon Organization

I finally took the advice of Martha, the Mother Huddle , Spunky Junky and plenty of others and organized my ribbon. It is a very simple system organized by color in dollar store bins with wooden skewers holding each row together.

Easy to use and see what I have on hand. Looks like I'm lacking in the orange department, will need to stock up for Fall & Halloween!

Aug 10, 2011

National S'Mores Day

Did you know that today (8/10/11) is National S'Mores Day?

So I decided to whip up some of these Campfire S'Mores Pops. I didn't have the proper tools to toast the marshmallows, so I left them as is.

They still came out pretty good, in my opinion! Enjoy!