Jan 8, 2011

Green Grocery Bag Challenge - FOLLOW-UP

Well I did my best with the Green Grocery Bag Challenge - to make and use fabric bags instead of wrapping paper or bags for Christmas presents. I'm not sure how many I made in all but I stuck with 3 different kinds of bags - totes, produce bags and drawstring backpack bags.

After making my first few Produce Bags by Daisy Janie, I didn't know how I felt about them. They ended up being long and narrow (I think I messed up the directions) and not as big as I hoped. But once I started to use them for gifts and saw how nicely they rolled up when not in use - I loved them!!! I think I made at least 6 of these.

I made two different types of totes. The first one from Holiday Crafts and Creations - the Grocery Bag Pattern was quick and easy. I made two from this heavy blue material and ended up keeping them for myself (well one was used for one of my son's Santa gifts). (Sorry not pictures of these.) The other tote pattern from Terri's Notebook was a bit of a challenge for me at first but I ended up LOVING it!!! The first one with the Curious George handles went to my daughter's daycare teacher and the other (with the flowers) went to my mom. Both contained a Christmas gift inside. Both raved about the bags!
tote1 tote2

Finally, my old standby from Generation T: 108 Ways to Transform a T-Shirt: #83 Backpacking The Heat (with some modifications) - I made a few of these but only got a picture of one - Stars Wars, The Empire Strikes Back for my cousin/godson. My uncle may have loved the bag more than he did but it held all the pieces that came with his toy that I also gave him. Here's the picture of his gift all wrapped up.
drawstring backpack

I really enjoyed participating in this project and have & will continued to make bags for myself and others. I've been saving my scraps, getting some holiday fabric on clearance and have been saving all my sheets and pillowcases so I can make more fabric bags!!


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