Nov 24, 2010

Flower Hair Pretties

My daughter has a lot of hair - since the day she was born. She has received some adorable ribbon barrettes as gifts. I took one look at them and knew I could make them. I did one google search and found tons a variations on how to make them. Thank you BlogWorld!!!! I will try to post some pictures and list which tutorials I used.

Here is a great one I found at From An Igloo: Flower Hair Barrettes

I mixed it up a bit by using thinner ribbon and hot glued it to a ribbon lined aligator clip. For the white daisies I used 6 or 8 pieces of ribbon to make it a bit fuller. My daughter wore the pink one in her school photo this year.


  1. These are too cute! Oh how I wish my daughter would wear hairbows. :o)

  2. Most of the time my daughter will wear them. Does your daughter wear pony tail holders (elastics)? I'll put up some pictures once I finish up my next batch. They are super easy to make.