Nov 10, 2010

Welcome - drop in anytime!

I enjoy reading blogs. I like to write. I have some special interests such as sewing and crafting. I am not alone, so I finally decided to start a blog. Welcome!

I have wanted to start a blog for a while now but found every excuse not to. The first one being - what do I call it? So yesterday as I was reading blogs, wanting to link up to some blogs and thinking of things I'd write on my blog, I came up with a name.

J Bee Delightful

The name may sounds kind of silly, but it does put a smile on my face when I see it or say it. I thought it was important convey happy thoughts and set the right tone. The initials, JB, are from my maiden name and some of my friends still refer to me as JB or B. Bee is a friendly little guy that I've taken on as my mascot (and if I ever get another tattoo, it will have or be a bee). Delightful - a word that just popped into my head and I can remember being on vacation a while ago with my husband and some friends. We were in true vacation mode and someone mentioned that you just don't hear or use the word DELIGHTFUL enough. So for the whole vacation we used the word Delightful to its fullest!

I will do my best to blog as often as I can, talk about projects I am working on, post pictures, reply to comments and all that good stuff. I hope you will drop in and visit when you can.


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