Jan 5, 2011


I have never been an apron type of person. I never understood the need, I try to be as neat as possible when I cook or bake (OK, which isn't that often) and I don't garden. I typically change out of my work clothes right away and its OK to get my play clothes a little dirty (it comes out in the wash).

My mom wears aprons (she also cooks/bakes/gardens). So I made her one of those cool t-shirt aprons for Mother's Day last year.

But for me all that has changed!!! Now that I have 5 year old helper, it is very difficult to stay clean when doing anything, especially baking. And the need for an apron really hit me when I was crafting and sewing a few weeks ago. I was wearing a hooded sweatshirt and put my scissors, pencil and measuring tape in the pocket. It was a HUGE help having it all right there. That's when I made up my mind - time to make ME a crafting apron.

(Plus it helps to have a cool t-shirt to use.)


crafting apron

A special thanks to Megan Nicolay's book & blog, which is where I steal, I mean borrow, all my good ideas from!!!


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