Jan 16, 2011

Baby Shower Invitations

I'm so excited that my sister-in-law and her husband are expecting their first child (a boy) in April. My mother-in-law, sister-in-law and I are having a baby shower for her next month. I'm also excited because they let me take care of the invitations, decorations, paper products, games and prizes (and anything else I can think of). I love this kind of stuff!!!

So I tried to think of a theme and had a few ideas in mind when I went to the store to pick out paper for the invitations. Unfortuantely, I couldn't find a close match to the paper I was looking for. Instead, I found this cool stack with a modern jungle theme (and sparkles on some of the pages). And it had the colors I was looking for brown, blue and red. So since the baby's bedding has those colors and some jungle animals I decided to go with it for the invitations. For the rest of the decorations, I think I'll just stick the brown, blue, red colors and use the leftover paper from invitations. Here is the paper stack with what was left (mostly the girly colors):
paper selection (leftovers)

OK - the Invitations
I wanted to do a layered invitation with a bow at the top. I was going to print the main part of the invitation on vellum, but decided that white (or off-white) paper would work out too. The some of the printed paper has a pretty busy print, so you might not see the words on the vellum. The back page contains directions to the shower location.
different looks

(Side note, see bottom on invitation: I also knew I wanted to have each person bring a book to start the baby's library. I'll be giving her a small bookcase which will be set up at the shower with a bow on it.)
final invitation

I am very happy with how the invitations turned out. Each one is different and unique. It has a modern feel but you still know it is a baby shower. I think it is definitely reflects my sister-in-law's taste and style.

Next up - decorations, paper products & food display. If you have any ideas, please send them my way.

I would like to try Martha's Tissue Paper Pom Poms and a couple of bunting banners (either from paper or fabric). I have seen so many sewing projects that I'd like to try out as part of the baby's gifts. Especially the ones that I've seen here.

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  1. They turned out great! Love the stripes!

    Thanks for linking up to FFA!

    Hannah @ http://youngancrafty.blogspot.com/