Feb 7, 2011

Cookie Monster Dress & Leggins

Well, I did it AND managed to watch the SuperBowl (Green Bay won, right?) and watch Glee and do some laundry. So if it looks a little funky it could be the other distractions I had going on.
pillowcase style dress?
I took this adorable women's xl Cookie Monster long sleeve t-shirt (see previous post) and turned it into a pillowcase style dress and some leggins. I can not wait to try it on my daughter in the morning. The t-shirt is super soft but somewhat thin, so even with a white turtleneck underneath, she won't be able to wear it on a really cold New England winter day. However today it reached the 40s, so I'm checking the weather now to see if she can wear it this week.
cookie monster dress cookie monster outfit
Cookie looks so happy, I want to wear it!!

(I've read through many different tutorials on pillowcase dresses and put this together from memory. For the leggins, I know there is a tutorial out there on how to use the long sleeves from a t-shirt but I couldn't find it. So I winged it - and it took me two tries.)


  1. So cute! My daughter is in love with Sesame Street right now, and loves Cookies Monster!

  2. That is adorable! I am going to try to make a dress this week just using a little girl's shirt and adding fabric to make the skirt. Hope it turns out okay!

  3. Super cute and so creative, if only it came in my size. :) Thanks for linking to my blog bash K.I.S.S., so appreciated. Link up more creativity on Sunday.