Apr 22, 2011

a quickie project from an ugly turtleneck

My new (used) sewing machine needed a new cover. And last night none of my other projects (or blogging) was appealing to me. So I looked through my Sally (Salvation Army) stash of t-shirts and turtlenecks and came across this xl green with leaves turtleneck. I held it up against the machine and thought that width would work as is.

So I cut straight across just below the arms. Took the chest part of the shirt to form a rectangle for the top (very little measuring involved) - it did require sewing two pieces together to get the length I needed. Pinned & sewed the short sides first. Sewed up one of the long sides. Ruffled up some navy blue lace I had hanging around and sandwiched it between the the last long side and sewed it up. The reason why I only ruffled one side is that I wanted a "front" side of the cover...and I didn't think I'd have enough lace to go around the whole thing ;-)

So there's my quick and easy and green, recycled sewing machine cover. Happy Earth Day!

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  1. Jessica, I love this idea!! I am into anything with ruffles, so this is great. :)

    Thanks for joining my Weekend Bloggy Reading party. If you could please add a link back to me or my party button, I'd appreciate it. Have a blessed Easter!

  2. what a great idea. I desperately need to make a sewing machine cover. Thanks for the inspiration.