Jun 10, 2011

Pirate P-Arrrrrty Prep

My son's 6th birthday is next week and for months we've been gathering supplies for his pirate themed birthday party. I have to admit it has been a lot of fun and my son has been very involved with the process.

First, here are the invitations we made. The map is actually from Google. It was printed in black & white onto copper parchment paper that I bought at Staples. Once printed we lightly wet the edges and ripped all around. Then I crumbled it up into a ball and opened it back up. For the last step, I threw 2 or 3 in the microwave for about 30 seconds. It dried up the water and gave it a crispy old feeling to it. (I think it even darkened a bit.) If we had more time we were going to slip them into a bottle and hand deliver them. Instead they were folded, put in envelopes and mailed.

I asked my son if he wanted a Pirate t-shirt to wear – of course he did, silly question. I created a freezer paper stencil for all the black areas and use spray black puffy paint. YUCK – I really think I did something wrong, because it was messy and think and everywhere! It also didn't really puff up that much. But it did leave a nice outline and it was real easy for me to paint the red parts. Next time, I'll stick with the no frills fabric paint.

Next on the list is to create a bandana skirt for my daughter. I bought 2 dozen skull bandanas for the party and regular bandanas in red, black and white to use for my daughter and my costume. I'll post pictures once they are finished and keep you posted on the rest of the party prep!!


  1. Love the pirate shirt, way cute!

  2. We just had a Pirates & Polka Dots party for my 5yr old son and 3 yr old daughter!!

    I love your invitations!!! I hope it's an ARGH-mazing party (sorry, I couldn't resist)!

  3. The pirate shirt is great! Love it.

    We just had a pirate themed party for my son and had a blast. You might want to consider making a pirate ship using Mr. McGroovy's cardboard pirate ship plans and rivets - it was the hit of our party :-)