Aug 2, 2011

Infant Carrier/Car Seat Canopy

Never in a million years would I have known what a Car Seat Canopy was or think that I needed one when I was registering for my first child (over 6 years ago). Especially since the infant carrier comes with a canopy that you can raise and lower. But the first time I was out in a rain storm with my infant son, I knew the receiving blanket I threw over the top just wasn't going to cut it. He didn't get too wet, but the blanket slipped off and it was a real pain!

Four years later, #2 came along and I still didn't have a car seat canopy. Still had never heard of them...until she was out of the infant carrier.

Now I see them in the stores as well as in blogland. I don't think I would buy one due to the ridiculous price, but I knew I would make one for the next baby shower. I followed Just Because I'm Me's tutorial - it was perfect. Very easy project - I used a brown plaid flannel for the inner layer and a cute brown, pink and tan cotton fabric on top. I used velcro to secure the top tabs and put little bows on them instead of buttons.

(Please excuse the horrible picture taken by my cell phone in the middle of the night in my dark dirty messy basement, searching for the infant carrier - the night before the baby shower.)

The Mom-to-be loved the gift, but didn't exactly know what a car seat canopy was. Even after explaining it, we opened it up and she loved how big it was. I told her that she will find many uses for this blanket, in addition to being a canopy. Don't leave home without it!


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